Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I feel great!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So. Today is day two of no carbs. Some highlights:

1. I weighed myself. I think part of my soul died when I saw the number on the scale. Some cold, hard facts: my BMI is 28.4, putting me at a solid 25lbs above a healthy weight. I am also a mere five pounds less than I was when I was 9 months pregnant with Lucy. Is there an emoticon depicting a little smiley face with a gun pointed to his temple? No? Well, someone needs to make one. It will be instrumental in my ability to blog effectively--words can only communicate so much.

2. I went out to dinner with Stephen and the baby. I ordered "carne asada." Carne asada is not as fabulous when you can't eat the beans, rice or tortillas that accompany it. That is like three of the four things that were on my plate. I sort of hated Lucy and Stephen a little as I gnawed on my piece of beef. Shit, I don't even really like beef. And Stephen had a beer. Bastard.

3. Lunch was leftover chicken sausage, pea salad and blueberries. Tasty! The author of my book (I am too stupid from carb deprivation to remember his name) says not to eat fruit, but he can go fuck himself.

4. I found out that a half bottle of red wine only has 10 grams of carbs. This is a critical piece of information.

Oh, and does anyone else sort of fast forward to your "skinny self" once you start a diet? As soon as I commit to eating better (like a "skinny person") I sort of feel like I have earned that skinny body. In my head, all of a sudden I am a size 6. I can feel how good my ass looks in my pants. But then I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror am totally indignant that my body has the balls to look that bad given all my hard work over the past 41 hours.

Well, on to tomorrow. Whee!!


  1. just wanted to say that you are a fabulous writer

  2. I feel compelled to say that most skinny people eat a balanced diet...not a carbfree diet. After you finish "detox" are you going to try to maintain some sort of traditional eating habit?

  3. I'm fat, too. I love carbs and will not remove carbs from my diet. If that means I'm a giant, rolling bagel for the rest of my life, so be it.

  4. The mexican restaurant near our house will substitute the beans and rice for a big plate of lettuce. It's not as good, but at least you don't have just beef for dinner.

  5. Branny: yes, absolutely. Long-term I plan to introduce whole grain/complex carbs back into my diet with occasional sugar as a special treat. Really, though, I **am** eating carbs right now (fruits & veggies), just not the ones I like lol.