Friday, July 29, 2011

My body has rejected the low carb lifestyle

Things you don't hope for following week one of a diet:

1. Weighing in to find yourself down a mere HALF POUND despite not eating even a BITE of ice cream or a goddamn cracker all week. And, for the record here, Lucy has been pushing crackers at me like she's selling, well, crack. It's all "Mama! Cracker!" around this house.

2. Coming down with the stomach flu. And then gaining back what you lost in water weight along with the half pound mentioned in item #1.

So, folks, not the most auspicious beginning ever, but I am NOT EVEN ONE BIT FATTER than I was when I started. I am clutching at that silver lining like grim death. And forging on to more cheese sans cracker.


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