Wednesday, July 20, 2011

This is hard!

No, the title of today's blog is not a comment on my diet. These were the words that came out of the mouth of Lucy's teacher at dance class this morning. As an aside, I look only slightly more fat in a leotard than Lucy does. It's the small victories, right?

Focus, Jen!

Okay, back to my story. The teacher said, "Wow! This is hard!" while she and seven other moms attempted to drag Lucy and me around the room on a parachute (please don't make me describe the specifics here, it's all fairly humiliating). This would be bad enough, but there was another mom on the parachute who weighed 103lbs on a fat day and her side of the parachute was whipping around while my ass served as a firm anchor for my side. This was all further enhanced by my choice to wear spandex (!!) capris to class (I did not know they had mirrors everywhere).

So, okay. That was the start of Day 3 (seriously, I have only been on this diet for three.fucking.days?) of my new eating plan. But I guess it's good to get those external affirmations that yes, losing weight is probably advisable and that no, you should never, ever wear spandex again. Ever.

You probably want to know what I ate today, right? This morning I had an apple and peanut butter (if someone makes a comment on this post about sucrose, so help me God I will find a way to bitch slap you through cyberspace) and then lunch was a Caprese salad, I snacked on veggies & cheese (I have been eating sort of an alarming amount of cheese, I think) and then dinner was veggies, prawns, nuts, cheese (again), salami and some other protein-rich snackables.

Ready for a recipe? Okay, so it's not really a recipe so much as a collection of things on a plate. But they are good things (just don't think about how much better they'd be all warm & melty on homemade pizza crust. Not that I was picturing that while having my lunch or anything.)

Okay, and obviously I am not a good photographer. You're just going to have to put up with fuzzy cell phone photos. Think of it as an abstract.

Jenny's Caprese Salad (skill level: remedial)

Fresh basil
Fresh tomatoes
Fresh whole milk mozzarella
Olive oil

Tear off basil leaves and arrange on plate. Top with slices of tomato and mozzarella and drizzle with olive oil. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Pretend that you're eating bread and enjoy.


  1. My husband actually sat me down for a talk about my cheese consumption when I was eating low carb. It is a great source of fat and protein and a staple when I am low carbing! He thought I was crazy.

  2. I love Caprese Salad! I love a drizzle of balsamic vinegar with the olive oil for an extra little something.
    You're doing a great job so far and, personally, I would be horrified if I was coerced into being dragged around on a parachute. Oh the things we do for our children!

  3. I love apples and peanut butter. It is one of my favorite eats on this diet.

  4. When I did South Beach I ate at least 3 string cheese sticks a day. Often times, more. :/ I also ate a lot of celery & PB, sugar-free jello, and almonds. My students tried to force feed me cake after a few months.

    PS I am cracking up at the mental image of 7 moms pulling any adult and kid around on a parachute. :)

  5. I would never even have gotten on the parachute so you're a better woman that me.
    Just popping in to say that I am loving the blog so far and we are dieting at the same time -- although I'm doing the CR500 diet which basically sucks the life out of me and steals my happiness at every meal BUT is super effective so far. Ugh, diets. Why can't I be one of those bitches that can eat carbs all day and still pull on a size 2? Why?!?!?